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Ch…ch…ch changes!

Image of leaves changing seasons

The only thing certain in life is change. Big and small. They happen all through life. New jobs and routines, parental leave, going back to work after a break, kids changing schools, moving house, financial changes, new babies, separations and new family relationships. The list goes on. The little things can make you want to

Help is at hand for Queensland grandparents

Around one-fifth (22%) of all Aussie children are regularly cared for by their grandparents, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2014). Sometimes grandparents become the primary carers of their grandkids and it’s good to know advice, guidance and support is available. The Time for Grandparents Program is a Queensland initiative and we sat down

Parents of kids with disabilities: the hidden mental load, expectations and self-care

You might have heard of the phrase ‘carrying the mental load’. It’s all the thinking, planning, organising, shuffling and list-making going on in your head to manage life. Parents juggle a lot and everyone’s mental load is different, but have you ever stopped to wonder what it’s like for parents who have a child (or

Dealing with the tricky teenage years: How a little bit of help can help

Do you remember your teenage years? The all-consuming emotional rollercoaster of friendships, fitting in, navigating relationships, self-doubt, peer pressure, establishing your identity and independence all the while trying to balance study and life. And then add the complexities of today’s online world – it’s little wonder teenagers (and their parents) can feel like they’re carrying