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Being a parent is hard work but you're never alone.

Find easy ways to ask for help
Man holding a small child on the front steps of a house
Man holding a small child on the front steps of a house

If you see a parent struggling, a few simple questions can help.

Find easy ways to offer help
Infant's clothing with 'When I cry, mummy thinks people judge her' printed on it
Infant's clothing with 'When I cry, mummy thinks people judge her' printed on it

Get it off your chest.

Asking for help can make a big difference.

Share with friends and family
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What’s Talking Families?

We all feel pressure to be a perfect parent. But in real life, parenting is hard work.
It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed and need a hand when we’re not coping.

This website is full of easy ways to ask people around you for help early on.

Because when parents take the time to look after themselves, they can look after the best interests of their kids, and life becomes more enjoyable for the whole family.

Who can I talk to?

Asking for help doesn’t have to be a big deal. It’s surprising how many people you know, or see every day, who could help.

Icon representing People Close to you

People close to you

  • Talk to your partner
  • Call a friend or family member
  • Meet for a coffee and have a chat

Icon representing 'Parent or Teachers'

Parents or teachers

  • Chat at the school gate
  • See one of the staff after school like the teacher, nurse, school counsellor, chaplain
  • Organise a play date

Icon representing Colleagues


  • Go for lunch with workmates
  • Talk to your manager or human resources

Icon representing 'Your Community'

Your community

  • Pop in next door
  • Catch up with the coach
  • Talk to your religious or cultural leaders

Icon representing 'Online connections'

Online connections

  • Chat with your social media friends
  • Seek support from forums or blogs

Icon representing 'The professionals'

The professionals

  • Talk to your family doctor
  • Call a helpline
  • Find family support services

How can I start the conversation?

Often we feel like parenting should be a natural skill, but the truth is, it’s a tough job and we all need support along the way (even if it feels like you’re the only one). Most people are really happy to lend a hand, because they’ve been there too! Here’s some easy tips to get the conversation started.

Asking for help

Meeting a friend for coffee or chatting with other parents at the school gate can open up conversations and gives you the chance to let others know you’re facing challenges.

If you feel comfortable, you can let someone know the sort of help you need.

  • “Can we meet for a cuppa and a chat?”
  • “Can you mind the kids for an hour or two so I can duck out and run some errands?”
  • “Would you like to car-pool school drops offs…?”
  • “You seem really good at being organised and on time – how do you get everything done each day without losing it!?”

Offering help

If you see a parent finding it hard to cope and you want to help, let them know you’re there for support. You might not be able to solve their problems, but simply listening can be a great help. If you’ve been in the same situation, let them know – they’ll feel better knowing they’re not alone.

Or if you’re able to offer practical help, let them know what you can do. Here’s some ideas:

  • Talk about a tough situation over a coffee
  • Spend time with a parent so they feel less alone
  • Organise a play date
  • Mind the kids for an hour or two
  • Car-pool for school or take the kids to dancing or footy training
  • Make meals for a family going through a difficult time
  • Collect some groceries

Two people chatting on a bench

Real stories

You’re not alone. Hear from real parents and see how talking can really help.

Real talk

Read our blog about parenting – the good, the not-so-good and getting support.

Where else can I go for help?

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you know, there’s a network of professional services available to support you and your family.

Search over 48,000 Queensland community services, all in oneplace to find the help and support you need locally.

Parenting support contacts

Family and Child Connect 13FAMILY (13 32 64)
A free, confidential community service that connects parents and families to the right support at the right time.

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)
A free parenting program for Queensland parents and carers to raise happy, healthy children and teenagers.

Raising Children Network
A comprehensive website offering resources and information on parenting for children of all ages.

If you need someone to talk to call:

Parentline 1300 301 300

A confidential telephone counselling service supporting parents and carers of children.

Lifeline 13 11 14

A 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention service for people experiencing personal crisis.